Ep. 359: The Evolution of our Summer Whitetail Prep

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Today on the show I’m joined by Dan Johnson to recap our latest summer whitetail projects and evolving thought processes around summertime deer prep.

Topics discussed:

  • Our latest debacles in parenting and the outdoors
  • Catching up on Mark and Dan BS
  • Hypothetical dream bucks
  • The evolution of Mark and Dan’s summer trail camera processes
  • Scouting new public land
  • Why we don’t set many tree stands in the spring or summer anymore
  • Summertime preparations to hunt a single specific buck
  • Dan’s new plans for Gnarley Charlie
  • Marks latest plans to hunt for Tran
  • Concerns around Mark’s early September whitetail hunt prospects
  • Mark’s part-time move
  • Our favorite reoccurring segment

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