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Ep. 358: Finding the Buck of Your Dreams with Heath Cisco

Ep. 358: Finding the Buck of Your Dreams with Heath Cisco

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Today on the show I’m joined by DIY bowhunter and Whitetail Addictions team member Heath Cisco to discuss in detail exactly how he locates, studies, and moves in on top tier whitetail bucks.

Topics discussed:

  • How Heath and his hunting buddy Justin Hollandsworth handle the sharing of hunting properties
  • How to improve your mock scrapes
  • Setting high goals for your hunting season
  • Seeking out top tier bucks
  • Summer scouting for target deer
  • Trail camera strategies for specific bucks
  • Walking the fine line of scouting VS pressure during the season
  • Locating specific buck bedding areas and how to determine if it’s a big buck
  • What to do when you find a big buck track
  • Aggressive hang-and-hunt tactics
  • What to do when you visually bump a buck while scouting
  • How bucks act differently between farm country and hill country
  • How the biggest bucks behave and use wind differently

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