Ep. 356: Answering Your Most Pressing Hunting Questions with Andy May

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Today on the show I’m joined by my friend and DIY whitetail bowhunting extraordinaire Andy May to answer your most pressing and challenging deer hunting questions.

Topics discussed:

  • Summer scouting advice
  • Our favorite terrain/habitat features for deer hunting success
  • How to avoid spooking deer in the fields, while waiting for bucks to come out later
  • How we organize our OnX waypoints and other historical information
  • What weakness Andy wants to improve on
  • The books that influenced our hunting styles the most
  • How close should you get to bedding areas with your cameras
  • What do great hunters do that average hunters do not
  • Hunting small wood lots surrounded by ag
  • Why do bucks get old – luck or skill?
  • Our first bucks and lessons learned
  • How to handle new neighbors

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