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Ep. 349: BONUS How to Talk Turkey with Andrew Johnson

Ep. 349: BONUS How to Talk Turkey with Andrew Johnson

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Today on the show we’re back with our final bonus turkey hunting episode and we’re here with Andrew Johnson to break down the top six turkey vocalizations hunters need to be able to interpret and replicate.

Topics discussed:

  • How Andrew came to be involved with turkey hunting and turkey hunting media
  • Why so many hunters have one-sided conversations with turkeys
  • What the most important turkey vocalizations
  • Why it’s important to understand what different vocalizations mean to turkeys
  • Understanding and replicating a yelp
  • Understanding and replicating the tree yelp
  • Understanding and replicating clucks and putts
  • Understanding and replicating cutting
  • Understanding and replicating a purr
  • Understanding and replicating a gobble
  • Most common turkey calling mistakes


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