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Ep. 337: Chasing Whitetails on the Ground with Tony ­Trietch

Ep. 337: Chasing Whitetails on the Ground with Tony ­Trietch

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Today on the show I'm joined by Tony Trietch for a fascinating discussion on the merits of the traveling hunter lifestyle and aggressive tactics for hunting big whitetails from the ground.

Topics discussed:

  • #TinesAndTrash
  • Why Tony takes off for months at a time to hunt
  • How he designed his career and life to allow for long-term travel and hunting
  • The mental side of solo hunting/travel
  • Most crucial camping gear and hacks for hunting trips
  • How to eat well on DIY trips
  • Why Tony stopped using treestands in 2012
  • The allure of open-country whitetail hunting
  • Can Tony's ground-hunting tactics work in the Midwest or elsewhere?
  • How to find high-quality areas for ground-pounding for whitetails
  • Tips for better glassing up big game
  • How to scout and locate whitetails
  • How to begin planning a stalk on a whitetail
  • Rattling and calling whitetails on the ground
  • Using a Heads Up Decoy
  • Making the shot count from the ground


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