Ep. 315: Become a Better Rut Hunter with Travis Faulkner

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Today on the show I’m joined by Andy May and outdoor writer and whitetail expert Travis Faulkner to go deep into new rut hunting ideas, stand sites, calling tactics, and more.

Topics discussed:

  • Andy May’s pre-rut success
  • Andy’s top rut hunting tactics
  • How Travis Faulkner approached his stand choices during the rut
  • The phases of the rut and how to hunt each
  • Unique calling tactics
  • Hunting hilly terrain during the breeding season
  • How to identify pinch points that actually funnel deer and how to hunt them
  • Trailcam tactics for November
  • What to do if you spook a buck during the rut
  • Mental aspects of rut hunting
  • Decoying bucks


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