Back 40

S2-E03: Mark Kenyon and Tony Petersen Get a Look at this Year's Target Bucks

Mark has already put in four months of blood, sweat, and tears to get this place ready for another season. August is coming to a close and he'd like to get the hell off the property to let it rest before hunting kicks off in October. Before he can do that he needs to set up tree stands and tower blinds in some crucial spots on the farm. Mark is joined by good buddy and fellow whitetail nut Tony Petersen to do some sawing, assembling, hanging, strapping, and tipping in the name of dialing this place in for the months to come. After all the work is done, the real moment of truth will be when the guys check trail cameras for the first time. Will there be any deer around to hunt out of these carefully crafted new set-ups?

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