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MeatEater Podcast Clips Ep. 245: Luke Combs on the B-Side of Hunting

Steven Rinella talks with Luke Combs, Reid Isbell, Dan Isbell, Luke Thorkildsen, and Janis Putelis. In this clip they discuss, the song writing process, what the chorus is for, being a lunch pail songwriter, and a whole lot more.

Listen to the rest of the episode for more on: where country music and the outdoors intersect; on maintaining country music street cred in the outdoors; dudes that are actually like the dudes in country songs; letting the chickens out in your undies; when Northerners speculate on the lives of Southerners, and vice versa; turkey hunting as the poor man’s elk hunting; country fried antelope; pronouncing the words, “pecan” and “crappie”; Steve’s new hit song lyrics: “you gotta work with what you got, not with what you wish you had”; retreating to write; leave it to Stever; the definition of a hook and the Johnson motor; if Steve were a trout…; shit as fertilizer; the grizzly bear vocalist; and a whole bunch of other stuff.
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