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Ep. 335: Long Beard

Ep. 335: Long Beard

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Topics discussed: Sharing beds; a Southwestern vibe; MeatEater Laboratories; Chester the Tester, a rotund chef figurine holding a spatula dipped in heavenly chocolate; Tiny, the arsonist and how you can get away with a lot of criminal shit in the US; "How Can I Be Cold But My Balls are Still Sweaty" and other New York Times Best Sellers by Steve; communal latrines and raccoon roundworm; avian influenza hitting the wild turtle population; attending the walleye tournament or your own wedding; the Gila National Wilderness as the first officially recognized wild land on the planet; Aldo Leopold's 1921 article; making a 14.92 mile loop and only hearing three gobbles; scarce water and filtering out rock snot; what goes on in a turkey's noggin; Steve's blanket rule of not gobbling while turkey hunting with his kids; flirting with disaster when you wear those little turkey fan hats; Steve loving wild turkeys more than his kids; the two types of outdoors folk; gratitude over expectation; the land of milk and walleyes; and more. 


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