Steve's Garage: First Lite’s New Omen Stormshelter Rain Gear

For relentlessly wet and cold weather, nothing can beat the Omen Stormshelter jacket and pant. It’s heavy-duty but not bulky, and the folks at First Lite engineered it specifically to get you out farther and keep you out longer.

The jacket’s tricep and pit vents allow you to dump body heat without sacrificing dryness. The pant offers a full leg-length zipper for easy venting during a hot hike. It also makes it easy to put-on and take-off over other gear. Additionally, the pants have built-in gators to prevent water from splashing up into your boots.

Magnetic closures over deep pockets allow for quick, easy access and are designed to not interfere with pack straps. The hood is built for optimal peripheral vision and can be worn as a visor or flipped up to direct water away from your face.

From a 10-day Dall sheep hunt in Alaska to checking traps all winter long, this system is sure to keep you warm and dry.

Omen Stormshelter Rain Jacket
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First Lite

The most weatherproof, durable, and contamination resistant rain jacket for unforgiving severe conditions.

Omen Stormshelter Rain Pants
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First Lite

The solution for mid to late-season hunts when persistent varying precipitation, wind, and low temps are the only guarantee.

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