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The Easiest Way to Save Money on Out-of-State Hunts

Traveling hunts aren’t cheap, but they don’t need to be expensive either. A guided sheep hunt might be financially out of the question for most of us, but a quality DIY deer hunt probably isn’t. Many decent Western hunts can be inexpensive, especially if you plan to hunt public land. While over-the...


How to Kill a Pressured Bull

A public land, DIY bull elk is the white whale for most bowhunters. Sure, you might have a long conversation with one as it bumps its cows up to its favorite north-facing bench, but to get within bow range and run an arrow through his vitals? It isn’t easy. In over-the-counter units, roughly 10% of...


Bowhunting Pronghorn 101

Much of the Western hunting craze focuses on elk, mule deer and, now more than ever, whitetails. This is one of the reasons that tags for those critters have become harder to come by, and why antelope opportunities have stayed relatively reliable. Barely ranking above prairie dogs for most hunters...

Big Game

How to Suppress Buck Fever

Show me a hunter who claims to not get buck fever, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t enjoy what they’re doing (or they’re a liar). It happens to nearly all hunters, and its effects don’t do us any favors during the moment of truth. But what is buck fever exactly? What causes a competent marksman...