Steven Rinella



A Brief History of the Meaning and Interpretation of Fishing Grip and Grins

Who doesn’t love showing off their catch with “grip-and-grin” photos?  After all, a picture says a thousand words. Over the years, anglers have communicated a wide spectrum of sentiments through their grip and grins. Whether it’s a tournament bass fisherman hoisting a largemouth like a sack of cash...


How to Spear Alaskan Whitefish

Steve and Brandt drill through Alaskan ice with hopes of striking white gold. This late winter ice fishing mission in Central Alaska revolves around a small hole in the ice, a trusty spear and white meat perfect for a smoker. Watch the video to see how the team does from this dark Alaskan ice shanty.


MeatEater Glossary: Poke

Poke \ˈpōk\ verb A poke is a casual approach to fishing during a short span of time. Rinella: “If I’m on vacation, I may head down to the beach to take a couple pokes.” For the full collection of the MeatEater Glossary, where you’ll learn everything from the technical to the arcane, go to the...


MeatEater Glossary: Anadromous and Catadromous

Anadromous \ə-ˈna-drə-məs \ and Catadromous \kə-ˈta-drə-məs  \ adj The terms anadromous and catadromous refer to birthplace and spawning migration patterns of species. Rinella: “The classic anadromous fish is a salmon.” For the full collection of the MeatEater Glossary, where you’ll learn everything...


Bowfishing Basics

When I was growing up, we always thought of hunting and fishing as slightly different versions of the same thing. When someone asked what you liked to do, you said huntin’n’fishin’ as though it was one word. Of course, there are some major and obvious differences, especially when it comes to catch...