Stephen Klobucar

Stephen Klobucar

Stephen Klobucar is a Ph.D. fisheries scientist and aquatic ecologist, publishing peer-reviewed research by day and freelance outdoor media musings by night. His research experiences span from Arctic Alaska, to New Zealand's South Island, and various ecosystems in between. Originally from Wisconsin, he is currently based in Alaska, learning from and taking advantage of the wilderness of the Last Frontier. IG: @slklobucar


Wildlife Management

Should You Fish for Spawning Bass? Conflicting Philosophies and Research

There’s no easy way around it, the ethics of angling for spawning fish are murky and widely debated, especially when it comes to bass. We would all like to definitively settle the debate around fishing for spawning bass, particularly those on beds. Anglers want a clear-cut, “Yes, it’s okay to fish...