Stephen Klobucar

Stephen Klobucar

Stephen Klobucar is a Ph.D. fisheries scientist and aquatic ecologist, publishing peer-reviewed research by day and freelance outdoor media musings by night. His research experiences span from Arctic Alaska, to New Zealand's South Island, and various ecosystems in between. Originally from Wisconsin, he is currently based in Alaska, learning from and taking advantage of the wilderness of the Last Frontier. IG: @slklobucar


Ice Fishing

Is Technology Helping Ice Anglers Catch More Fish?

My pearl white tube jig spiraled into the black abyss as I leaned over to turn on my flasher. The quiet hum of braided line free-spooling from my reel was quickly overtaken by the buzz emitted by the sonar. Or, maybe it was merely the audible buzz of my own excitement—the first drop of the morning...