Joe Cermele

Joe Cermele

Joe Cermele is MeatEater’s Senior Fishing Editor based on the East Coast. He has written several books and is the former fishing editor of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. If it swims, Joe wants to catch it—and write, podcast, and shoot videos about it here at MeatEater.


Public Lands & Waters

Can Wind Farms be New Jersey’s Next Great Fishery?

This article comes from the Bent Fishing Podcast’s “Fish News” segment, where hosts  Joe Cermele and Miles Nolte go head to head to find and report the most interesting and amusing fishy stories across sources from far and wide—from respected scientific journals to trashy tabloids. Atlantic Shores...


Don’t Blow This for the Rest of Us: How We Keep Hunting and Fishing During the Pandemic

The last week of March Raritan Bay really caught fire. This 70,000-acre piece of water, part of the New York bight, is flanked by North Jersey and Staten Island. The Manhattan skyline at the mouth of the Hudson River paints the bay’s northern backdrop. Every spring, Raritan gives cabin fever-racked...