E. Donnall Thomas Jr.



Mountain Lion: Misunderstood Quarry, Under-Appreciated Cuisine

Some hunters might find it hard to believe that a saucer-shaped depression in a fresh layer of snow can arouse just as much excitement as the sudden appearance of a bugling bull elk—unless they were experienced mountain lion hunters. Then, they’d know the drill. The abrupt transformation inside the...

Environmental Issues

A Battle Lost: Alaska’s Tongass National Forest Will Open for Logging, New Roads

Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the world’s largest temperate rainforest, supports robust populations of large black and brown bears, Sitka blacktail deer, moose, and mountain goats. The area’s salmon fishing is justifiably famous, and its streams provide the last bastion of our native...


Blue-Collar Bonefish: Wading the Texas Coast for Reds

As a Westerner, it always takes me time to adjust to the sight of the sun sitting on the horizon early in the morning. That’s not the way it works on the Pacific Coast. But there it was, casting gentle, oblique light across the surface of the Laguna Madre, the long strip of inshore shallows that...

Public Lands & Waters

Guest Opinion: Retain the Tongass National Forest Roadless Rule

You’ve probably heard the saying about opinions being like that piece of anatomy everyone has and always stinks. Well, that may be true, but we believe in respectful dialogue. Throughout 2020 we’ll be bringing you a series of guest op-eds about hunting, fishing, and conservation. You may not agree...


Catch It. Release It? Kill It? Eat It?

This really is a fishing essay, but it comes wrapped in layers. Let’s begin during the course of a do-it-yourself Dall sheep hunt on the North Slope of Alaska’s Brooks Range. It’s hard to go wrong in a setting like that. Friends and I had hunted the same location for years, a challenging spot even...

Policy & Legislation

Opinion: Alaska’s Ugly Wildlife Politics

Alaska is one of the few outdoor venues I know that consistently exceeds its own high expectations. That view may be difficult to sustain when you’re facing your third straight week of horizontal rain on a wilderness float trip or packing out a moose your friend shot a mile too far from the nearest...