Danielle Prewett

Danielle Prewett

Danielle Prewett is the founder of Wild + Whole and a wild foods contributing editor for MeatEater. Texas is home for Danielle, but her love for the outdoors developed while chasing birds across the grasslands of North Dakota. She has been living off the land for the last several years and is fascinated by the richness of wild game. Danielle strives to portray this beauty by teaching others how to cook and enjoy their harvest.



How to Freeze Mushrooms

So you’ve found yourself with more wild mushrooms than you can eat in one sitting. That’s not a problem anyone complains about, but finding ways to preserve them can be a challenge. Dehydrating mushrooms is great for some particular varieties, but not for every species. That’s when freezing comes in...


Best Grilled Salmon Recipe

This simple honey and soy marinade complements rich, fatty salmon and caramelizes to perfection on the grill. It’s an easy and delicious meal that the whole family will appreciate. This is the only grilled salmon recipe you need.

Cooking Techniques

How to Make the Best Grilled Fish

Cooking fresh fish over an open fire or charcoal pit is the perfect way to end a good day on the water. Wood smoke and bitter char add complexity without overpowering one of nature’s delicacies. Achieving this can be tricky, so we’re here to help you make the best grilled fish.  Grilling fish can be...

Butchering & Processing

How to Clean a Gizzard

The gizzards of game birds like pheasants, ducks, and turkey are under-appreciated little nuggets of meat. Perhaps it’s because they look strange and are difficult to trim without proper instruction. Well, we’re taking the mystery out of preparing them by showing you how to clean a gizzard and how...

Cooking Techniques

The Best Oils for Deep Frying

There are few textures more satisfying than the crunch of crispy fried fish. The deep frying process is simple, but if there is one way to ruin a good fish fry, it’s choosing the wrong frying oil.  Two things to keep in mind when picking the best deep fryer oil are smoke point and flavor. The smoke...


Venison Enchiladas Recipe

Homemade enchiladas are one of the best ways to make use of ground venison. These are topped with Tex-Mex chili gravy, a red chile sauce influenced by authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s an easy, delicious recipe the whole family will love.


Barbecue Goose Legs Recipe

Goose legs get a bad reputation for being tough, but you can turn them into tender, pulled barbecue with the help of a crockpot or pressure cooker. In this recipe, I use our Fully Flocked waterfowl spice blend that has sweet and smoky flavors to make this delicious sauce.


Rabbit and Dumpling Soup Recipe

This soup tastes like the familiar chicken and dumplings from my childhood. But instead of chicken, I used cottontail rabbit. As for the dumplings, their recipe is adapted from “Joy of Cooking”—one of the most fundamental resources for making American cuisine.


Venison Shank Soup Recipe

Venison ham hock and white bean soup is the perfect winter meal. This hearty recipe uses pieces of smoked venison shanks, an ordinarily tough cut that benefits from low-and-slow cooking. As the meat simmers in the broth, it imparts rich and savory flavors that’ll make you rethink how you treat...


Smoked Venison Ham Hocks Recipe

Smoked ham hocks are a staple ingredient in Southern country cooking. The salty chunks of meat, cartilage, and marrow are full of flavor and add a silky texture to soups and stews. Traditionally they’re made from the shanks or “knuckles” of domestic pigs, but you can create the same thing with wild...