Brody Henderson



How to Choose the Right Turkey Load

There was a time when all my turkey, small game, waterfowl and upland shot shells were 2 ¾-inch, #6 lead, 12-gauge field loads. Since then, shotgun loads for all game species, including wild turkeys, have come a long way. These days, turkey loads come in a vast array of configurations, many of which...


Turkey Calling Q&A with Phelps Game Calls

At a previous BHA Rendezvous, we had the chance to sit down and talk turkeys with Jason Phelps, the owner of Phelps Game Calls. Jason is a hard-core turkey hunter and elk hunter who designs all kinds of calls for elk, turkeys, and other game animals. Jason offered up some tips for the use, care...


The Methods and Madness of Turkey Hunting

Hunting wild turkeys is both maddening and addictive. Once you’ve got the turkey hunting bug, you’ll happily suffer through day after day of matching wits with giant, paranoid birds that often seem impossible to kill. Due to the inherent challenges of pursuing wild turkeys, hunters have come up with...


Spring Gobblers: Choosing a Turkey Call

Spring turkey seasons will open soon and hunters around the country will be testing their skills against one of nature’s most wily game birds. Calling is the primary turkey hunting method used in the spring, when male turkeys respond to hen calls during the breeding season. Turkey hunters mimic...


The Surprising Diet of America’s Favorite Game Bird

Next to whitetails, wild turkeys are one of the most popular game animals inhabiting the American landscape. Turkey numbers have soared across the country over the past few decades due in large part to the hunter-based conservation efforts of the National Wild Turkey Federation and more people are...