Brody Henderson



Ask MeatEater: What’s In Your Hunting Pack?

One of the questions fans ask us most frequently is what we carry in our hunting packs. The simple answer is it all depends on what kind of hunt we’re on. But there are items we always carry, no matter the hunt. Then there’s other things we put in our packs based on whether we’re just out for the...


Vortex Viper Line: Three Picks For Affordable Optics Essentials

From Alabama to Alaska, big game hunters rely on three types of hunting optics to up their odds of having a successful hunting season. Whether you’re scanning thick timber for a glimpse of an elk or searching a far-off meadow for a black bear, binoculars are something no big game hunter can get by...


Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Choosing the Right Hunting Boot

Choosing the right hunting boot is one of the most important gear-oriented decisions a hunter can make. We’ve said many times in the past that the thing we see ruining or even ending hunts most often are foot problems. A good hunting boot needs to provide ample support and traction, keep your feet...


Specialty Hunting Knives: Benchmade’s Hidden Canyon Hunter and Nestucca Cleaver

Hunters tend to have some strong opinions when it comes to choosing a hunting knife. I’m no different and I like to keep things simple. For most of my big game hunting, I keep a single fixed blade knife like Benchmade’s Steep Country in my pack. And, for small game and birds, I like the Saddle...