Brody Henderson



Fact Checker: Is Catch and Release Always Best?

Myths, lies and old wives’ tales loom large in the outdoor pursuits. Here at MeatEater, we’re dedicated to separating facts from bullsh*t, so we created this series to examine suspect yarns. If there’s a belief, rumor or long-held assumption you’d like us to fact check, drop us a note at factchecker...


Taking the Fly Out of Fly Fishing

I caught the fishing bug early. As a kid, method didn’t matter. I used ultralight spinning rods and bait for panfish, suckers and carp; heavy spinning gear and lures for bass and salmon; and a fly rod for stocked trout—because those were the best ways to catch fish. And as long as I was catching...


MeatEater Opinion: The Ethics of Fishing for Spawners

Springtime is spawning season for a plethora of game fish species. From bass and bluegill to trout and steelhead, anglers all over the country are gearing up for some of the best fishing of the year. Whether your goal is just to bend a rod or to fill the stringer with a full limit, the spring spawn...

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing 101: Hardwater Basics

This time of year can be a tough stretch for hunters and anglers in northern states. Big game seasons are over, small game and waterfowl seasons are winding down, and we’re months away from gobbling turkeys and open water fishing. Spanning this stretch of the coldest, darkest months is ice fishing...


A Brief History of the Meaning and Interpretation of Fishing Grip and Grins

Who doesn’t love showing off their catch with “grip-and-grin” photos?  After all, a picture says a thousand words. Over the years, anglers have communicated a wide spectrum of sentiments through their grip and grins. Whether it’s a tournament bass fisherman hoisting a largemouth like a sack of cash...


Winter Whitefish: A Missed Opportunity

The Mountain Whitefish is an important fish native to many river drainages in the western United States. They are a key indicator species that signify clean, cold, pollution-free water. Whitefish are Salmonids related to trout, salmon and grayling. Despite this, in the Rocky Mountains, the mountain...


Beyond Meat: The MeatEater Muskibou

As hunters, we put a lot of effort into honoring the animals we kill by making trophy meals out of them. But you can take that respect for your quarry to the next level by utilizing more than just an animal’s meat. Mounting antlers or a turkey fan on the wall looks great but fur, feathers, hide...


Hunting for Fish

Every spring, northern pike head for shallow, weedy bays to spawn in the reservoir near my home in Colorado. During their spring spawning period, pike are so focused on reproduction that these normally aggressive fish are nearly impossible to catch with fly gear or conventional tackle. It was a...


A MeatEater’s Guide to Eating Invasive Species

As more and more invasive species gain footholds around the country, American wildlife management is becoming increasingly difficult. Think of invasive species as foreign invaders capable of upsetting the natural balance through a series of cascading problems. Whether it is a new insect, plant, or...