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Ep. 472: Rut Fresh Radio 10/27/2021 - The Rutting Moon
Ep. 472: Rut Fresh Radio 10/27/2021 - The Rutting Moon
This is the 10/27/21 episode of Rut Fresh Radio! In each show, Spencer interviews hunters across the country to get the latest intel on whitetail buck movement. This week he talks to whitetailers from Kansas, New Jersey, Mississippi, and Indiana. They discuss trends like weather patterns, moon phases, crop status, hunting pressure, sign making, and more. Connect with Spencer and MeatEater Spencer on Instagram MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook...
Ep. 25: [Bear Grease [Render] - Cave Man Films, Mark Kenyon, and Warner Glenn
Ep. 25: [Bear Grease [Render] - Cave Man Films, Mark Kenyon, and Warner Glenn
On this episode, we've got a whole new crew for the Render. We're in the field and Clay's been hunting with Mark Kenyon of Wired to Hunt. The crew covers an array of subjects, including the difference between videographers and cinematographers, what kind of film would a caveman make, and Mark Kenyon's three days of saddle hunting in Arkansas National Forest for whitetails. Lastly, we talk about the second Warner Glenn episode, discussing how...
Ep. 471: Foundations - Rut Timing Realities
Ep. 471: Foundations - Rut Timing Realities
Today’s show is dedicated to playing a pre-rut and rut strategy according to exactly what day it is, and just what your in-field observations are telling you about the timing of the breeding season. Connect with Wired To Hunt and a href="http://themeateater.com/">MeatEater Tony Peterson on Instagram MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Shop MeatEater Merch
Ep. 296: When Death Comes for You
Ep. 296: When Death Comes for You
Steven Rinella talks with Pat Durkin, Tracy Crane, Clay Newcomb, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis. Topics discussed: Being close to death; app-controlled hearing aids; Pat's tattoos; the story behind the Blair Witch snowman in Episode 4 of Season 10; the correlation between being tox pos and getting into car accidents; Steve testing a small core of his own meat for our internal trichinosis longitudinal...
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How to Prepare Your Garden's Harvest for Winter Storage


How to Prepare Your Garden's Harvest for Winter Storage

As the summer heat gives way to crisp fall air in much of the country, the average vegetable garden is starting to fade in its brilliance. Our vibrant green rows of tomatoes are now sad, brown, and drooping with the last fruit of the season. Winter squash vines that once threatened to tear down...
The Pros and Cons of Rubber Boots for Deer Hunting


The Pros and Cons of Rubber Boots for Deer Hunting

Rubber boots might be the most popular footwear for whitetail hunters, especially over the last decade. There are many reasons they’re beloved among whitetailers, but they’re not perfect for every hunter in every scenario. I hunt the big woods, Appalachian mountain region of Pennsylvania and much of...
Video: How to Fish Square-Bill Crankbaits for Largemouth Bass


Video: How to Fish Square-Bill Crankbaits for Largemouth Bass

When faced with thick, shallow cover full of tree roots and snags, you might not immediately think of running a bunch of big treble hooks through the middle of it. You might also be surprised to know that this is one of my preferred techniques and one that was pivotal to my efforts on the recent...

The MeatEater Crew

Steven Rinella is the host of the Netflix Original series MeatEater and The MeatEater Podcast. He's also the author of six books dealing with wildlife, hunting, fishing and wild game cooking, including the bestselling MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler.

Janis Putelis is the Director and Executive Producer of the Netflix Original series MeatEater and co-host of The MeatEater Podcast. Before joining MeatEater in 2012, Putelis spent over a decade guiding hunting and fishing trips in Colorado, Arizona, and Mexico and three years in a professional kitchen.

Mark Kenyon is the author of That Wild Country, founder of Wired To Hunt, and host of the industry-leading Wired To Hunt Podcast. He is a nationally published writer, a QDMA certified Deer Steward, and MeatEater's resident "whitetail guy."

Ryan Callaghan is MeatEater's Director of Conservation and a member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, as well as a national board member. Ryan has been a passionate member of the outdoor community, having grown up hunting and fishing, guiding, and playing in the West.

Clay Newcomb is a 7th-generation Arkansan that grew up in the Ouachita Mountains. He's a hunter, mule skinner, curious naturalist, and observer of rural culture. He's also a writer, filmmaker, podcaster, and owner/publisher of Bear Hunting Magazine.

Danielle Prewett is the founder of Wild + Whole and a Wild Foods Contributing Editor for MeatEater. She is passionate about the outdoors because hunting, fishing, gardening, and foraging enable her to connect with her food and eat consciously. Texas is home for Danielle and when she isn’t in the kitchen, she can be found upland hunting with her bird dogs.

Brody Henderson grew up hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania. After college he moved to Colorado, where he worked as a fly fishing guide and writer. Brody has a passion for public lands hunting and fishing throughout the West. He has worked as a Wilderness Production Assistant for the MeatEater television show, and is a writer and MeatEater's Senior Editor.

Joe Cermele is MeatEater’s Senior Fishing Editor based on the East Coast. He has written several books and is the former fishing editor of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. If it swims, Joe wants to catch it—and write, podcast, and shoot videos about it here at MeatEater.

Spencer Neuharth is the director of web content at MeatEater, producer of Wired to Hunt, and founder of Rut Fresh. His writing has been featured in over a dozen magazines, including Field & Stream, Petersen's Hunting, and Men's Journal. His work is a reflection of his roots as a whitetail hunter and training as a biologist.

Sam Lungren is MeatEater's Fishing Editor and a former freelance writer/photographer, commercial fisherman, and editor of BHA's Backcountry Journal. Though originally from Whidbey Island, Washington, he's been in Montana for almost a decade and probably isn't leaving—except during steelhead season. Send him an email sam@themeateater.com or follow him @samlungrenmedia.

Maggie Hudlow is an assistant editor for MeatEater who has studied English writing and culinary arts. She’s a Wyoming woman, lifelong fly-fisher, and aspiring hunter. She has high hopes to fill the freezer and develop some topnotch recipes this year.

Sean is originally from Iowa, but followed ducks to South Dakota—where he now calls home. Before joining MeatEater, he was a hunting guide, photographer, television producer, and writer. If you find him in the wild, chances are there’s water and waterfowl nearby.

Katie Hill is an assistant editor for MeatEater and a former freelance writer with a master’s degree in environmental journalism. Originally from Connecticut, Katie spent her first 22 years eating elk and venison from her dad's hunts before fleeing to Montana and kickstarting her own metamorphosis into a wordsmithing outdoorswoman. When she’s not wrangling sentences together, she’s slinging mud and dust on a trail run or back casting where she probably shouldn’t be. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @hillllllyeah.