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Subjects Discussed: Clovis hunters; North America’s oldest mine; the religious underpinnings of Chaco Canyon’s mysterious road network; Steve as The Inconsiderate Mountain Goat Hiker; macaw feathers, turquoise, and other luxury goods; Steve’s wife and the 4-degree human comfort zone; the spread of human hunters around the globe; the eyed needle; boating around glaciers; wanderlust; ice-free corridors; the Blitzkrieg and Solutrean hypotheses; Liebig’s principle of ecology; Keepers of the Game: Indian-Animal Relationships and the Fur Trade; did the Indians reach equilibrium with the buffalo?, and more.

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American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains and Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History  by Dr. Dan Flores

Twilight of the Mammoths: Ice Age Extinctions and the Rewilding of America by Paul Martin

Keepers of the Game: Indian-Animal Relationships and the Fur Trade by Calvin Martin

A Brief History of the Sewing Needle 

Pleistocene Overkill and North American Mammalian Extinctions by David J. Meltzer

Hugh Glass, the True Story of “The Revenant” –  American Cowboy



Maccaw feather headdress

Imagine America’s Serengeti: Building the Largest Wildlife Reserve in the Continental United States

American Prarie Reserve’s plan to restore the American Serengeti. This presentation discusses glacial retreat, Clovis history, large mammal extirpation; restoring large-scale migrations and connectivity to the landscape. A little long, but very informative.