Subjects Discussed:  Doug’s nubbin’; power jakes, jake psychology, rope dragger activities, and busted spur turks; Janis’ conundrum; puttin’ on the jake brakes; Durkin’s personal stuffed deer pact; favoring the serious while penalizing the jackasses; roosting a turkey; rigidity and weakness in nature; the worst kind of sleep; the navel of the Duren farm; Matt Rinella’s bar names; Bergmann’s Rule; North America’s turkey history; Rinella’s principle; Dirt on wildlife; napping with Jani; hunts in proximity to the summer solstice; Dirt on alliteration, and more.

-Related Links and Notes-

The results of Pat Durkin’s personal stuffed deer pact


Fun Fact about Bergmann’s Rule

Steven Rinella discusses White Cloud, the albino buffalo in American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon.

An interesting article about the difficult live of albino animals:  Colorless in a World of Color: New research provides rare insight into the often-difficult lives of albino animals

If you’re into turk hunting, support the National Wild Turkey Federation…pay up.

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