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Subjects discussed: Brigadier (or poseur) generals; mutilating the 7th Cavalry with knives and sewing awls; how Miles City got its name; race-ready huntin’ llamas; moose pellet incense; packing large loads of wild meat; Jani-Aspen; being married; mountain goats falling over cliffs and getting frozen up in trees; cartin’ llamas; llama vans; and more.


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“Battle of the Little Bighorn” painting by Kicking Bear at the request of Frederic Remington
“The Indians made such short work of killing them that no man could give any correct account of it. The first charge the Indians made never slacked up or stopped. They made a finish of it. The indians and the whites were so mixed up you could hardly tell anything about it. “
Hump, Minneconjou, 1881


“The defeat of Custer was not a massacre. The Indians were being pursued by skilled fighters with orders to kill. For centuries they had been hounded from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back again. They had their wives and little ones to protect and they were fighting for their existence.”
Buffalo Bill William Cody, 1885

The greatest book that was ever written about the Battle of the Little Bighorn, “Son of the Morning Star.”
“Here Fell Custer” painting by Eric Von Schmidt
Tom Russell’s “Tonight We Ride”

How to put a big llama in a little van