Subjects discussed: bear spray used in all the wrong ways; This Hole Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us-the next great American fishing novel; Guyana and Amerindians; big ass yams; casiri, paracari, local drink, farine; capibara, macaw, toucan, and harpy; how to hunt an arapaima; the Latvian Eagle’s mystery fish, a.k.a. the flower-eating-rainstorm piranha; handlining; Relaxation Culture; hammock sleeping; getting cursed by a jealous shaman; and more.

-Related Links and Notes-

Relaxation Culture: has this chair gone too far? 

Books: The Old Man and The Sea, A River Runs Through It, and Sebastiao Salgado’s book of photography, Genesis, which has the most amazing Amerindian hunting photos you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Jungle sleeping or not, you can learn how to string a hammock here.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – The Ballad of Jim Jones

Bear Spray: What You Need to Know



Rovin Alvin of Rewa Eco-Lodge

Garret Smith

Rick Smith

Korey Kaczmarek

Janis Putelis