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Steven Rinella talks with Dr. Karl Malcolm and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.
Subjects Discussed: Zoonotic disease and the guy with the dead lion; Hua Gua or Karl’s take on Chinese hot pot; capturing blood for blood sausage; Latvian meals using ice wands; the 45th Parallel; Asiatic black bear and the Sichuan takin; the Blue Ribbon Panel project; the North American, European, and African models of wildlife conservation; contract culling of wildlife; pit hunting; the Imperial Feast: bear paw, swallow saliva consume, and more; Theodore Roosevelt’s kids were specimen hunters?; the enjoyment of hunting and fishing indigenous species; the future of hunters and conservation; venavores; and more.


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To follow up on Karl’s Mountain Lion Plague story, check out the article Primary Pneumonic Plague Contracted from a Mountain Lion Carcass
Dr. Karl Malcolm at the 2010 program in Ürümqi (northwestern China) where he presented to governmental officials and NGO representatives on the various models of hunting/wildlife conservation around the world, and brainstormed the future direction of China’s hunting program. 
“If Deliverance and Easy Rider had sex, Southern Comfort would be their baby.”

 Sichuan takin