Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are the MeatEaters-At-Large?

A: They are a list of Steven Rinella’s trusted friends and colleagues who we’ve curated to join the conversation. The name for these guys, MeatEaters-at-Large, is meant to demonstrate their general affiliation with the MeatEater lifestyle, while still giving them free reign to do what they do best: mouth off about anything that comes to their minds on the subjects of hunting, wild game, the outdoor lifestyle, and even a bit of fishing now and then.

Q: I have a great story I would love to share with you and the MeatEater community, how can I contribute?
A: We’d love to hear from you! Please submit your story to We also invite you to contribute to the MeatEater community by joining us on our social platforms, links are below. 


Q: Where can I buy a MeatEater episodes, t-shirts and/or decals?

All MeatEater merchandise can be purchased from the MeatEater Store here.  You can purchase digital downloads of MeatEater episodes here.


Q: What channel is MeatEater on for cable service X?
A:  The Sportsman Channel is on:  Channel 605 on DIRECTV // 285 (SD) or 395 (HD) on DISH NETWORK, 326 on SKY ANGEL, 308 on VERIZON FIOS.  Please visit the episodes section and enter your zip code in the Channel Finder in the sidebar for a complete listing of times and availabilities in your area.

Q: When does the show air?
MeatEater airs every Thursday night while in season at 8 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel.

Q: Where can I watch full episodes of MeatEater if I don’t have the Sportsman Channel? Are they available online anywhere?
At this time, full episodes are available via our Episodes page or you can go to

Website Technical

Q: Why can’t I view the video but I hear audio?

A: We’ve seen this issue with users utilizing Internet Explorer. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, we recommend downloading either Mozilla or Chrome, both are free. If you continue to have troubles after doing so, please contact us.

Working with Steven Rinella

Q: How do I arrange for Steven Rinella to make a live appearance?

A: Steven Rinella has spoken to a wide range of audiences about his life as a modern-day hunter-gatherer. With humor and irreverence, he discusses the hunting lifestyle, wild game, the ethics of hunting, and the human need for wilderness. His talks are punctuated with stories of amazing and sometimes absurd adventures, ranging from falling through the ice in Michigan to getting poisoned by wild mushrooms in Alaska to almost getting killed by a wild boar that fell from the sky under very strange circumstances in the central highlands of the Philippines’ Luzon Island.

Steven customizes each visit. He’s available for corporate, and private retreats; culinary experiences; speaking engagements for any organization, Q & A, and book signings; panels, discussions, exhibits and conferences.

To inquire about hosting Steven Rinella for your event, please contact the MeatEater crew at  If you would like additional information about Steven’s live appearances and speaking engagements visit Steven Rinella at Gotham Artists.