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Now and then you learn a hunting or fishing trick that makes you rethink everything that you thought you knew about some given subject. That’s what happened to me this past summer when I hung out with some master catfish anglers down along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. All my life, I’ve mistakenly thought that wild catfish had second-class flesh. We called it “muddy,” “fishy,” plus any number of other terms classifying it as being not as good as perch and walleye. But then came my trip to Kentucky, which included a few lessons about how to properly clean catfish and, most importantly, trim their fillets. As my friend Kevin Murphy explains it, “it’s how to turn a not-so-good fish into a great fish.” And he’s right. I now consider catfish to be as worthy of a hot-oil bath as any finned critter you might pull out of freshwater. But that’s not all you’ll learn if you tune into this week’s episode of MeatEater. You’re gonna see a paddlefish secured with a bow, you’ll glimpse a dandy snapping turtle, and you’ll learn the meanings of such provocative terms as juggin’, limbin’, and trot-linin’.  Tune in this Thursday at 8pm ET on the Sportsman Channel! It’s worth it.