Of all the creatures in North America, black bears and grizzly bears inspire the greatest amount of armchair expertise. Everyone’s got their own ideas about bear psychology and behavior, and they love to tell you the proper posture to assume when that big boar is mauling the back of your head. What’s interesting, however, is that the people I know who are most puzzled by bears are the ones who spend the most time around them. I log many days in bear country every year, not just passing through but sleeping and eating among them. I also hunt bears enthusiastically, and I have eaten hundreds of pounds of bear flesh, yet I don’t mind admitting that bears remain a complete mystery to me. When I look a bear in the eye, I feel an honest sense of wonder and even a bit of confusion. This week on MeatEater, we explore the strangeness of bears as well as the melancholic musings that bear country can bring out of a fella. I’m warning you though, it’s a strange episode. Maybe too strange. Please, check it out this Thursday, 8pm ET on Sportsman Channel, and then let me know what you think.