Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like the crew here at MeatEater, you might be scrambling for some last minute ideas. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite recipes of yore to bring yuletide joy to your family dinner. 

  1. Venison Meatloaf. Meatloaf for Christmas? It seems a little unorthodox but this is by far one of our most popular recipes. It pairs well with holidays classics like mulled wine and mashed potatoes. Don’t count this out as an easy main course for your Christmas table.
  2. Turkey Galantine: If you’re up for the challenge of creating a complex and striking main course, dig into the classic french technique behind this. No cutting corners here, but once executed, bragging rights are yours for years to come.
  3. Mincemeat Pie: Pie is inherently necessary at all holiday dinners, and a savory twist on the pie can lead to lots of happily surprised guests, and is a standout in that potluck you agreed to at the last minute.
  4. Steve’s Special Roasted Duck: This is the showstopper of the bunch, and if Steve thinks it’s special, well, so will you and everyone you know.
  5. Grilled Whole Fish: This is another presentation masterpiece, and an easy one at that. For those of you lucky enough with access to the grill and the ocean (or let’s be honest, a great fish market) this is a beautiful centerpiece to your holiday table.