This week on MeatEater, you’re going to meet a buddy of mine named Eduardo Garcia. He’s one of the more interesting wild game chefs that I know. His father is originally from Mexico, though Eduardo was born and raised in Montana. He grew up hunting and fishing around what’s known as the Paradise Valley. It’s that stretch of the Yellowstone River that flows north from Yellowstone National Park toward Livingston. There was a lot for a budding cook to work with, as it’s one of the most diverse and game-rich environments in the lower 48. Eduardo mastered it all, from the technical aspects of spot-and-stalk elk hunting to the intricacies of properly brining a mountain whitefish. What’s especially cool is that he did it without ever losing track of his cultural (and culinary) underpinnings. The name of Eduardo’s spice company, Montana Mex, says it all. He’s got one foot in each landscape. His wild game cooking is testament to that, and I think that you’ll enjoy seeing him in the kitchen. So please tune into this week’s episode of MeatEater. You’ll experience an unlikely collision of wild game, a Traeger grill, and a charismatic chef who draws inspiration from south of the border. Dig in.