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1) Weston Digital Food Dehydrator. The new Weston digital food dehydrators really demonstrate how far the technology has come since my old man built a food dryer out of plywood and the scavenged fan motor from a dishwashing machine. So if you’ve got someone in your house who likes to make their own jerky (or dried fruit, herbs, vegetables, whatever) they’ll be excited as hell to get one. These things take a lot of the guesswork out of drying because you fine tune the temperature settings digitally and you can set your dry times for automatic shut-off. That way, you’re not a prisoner in your own home as you monitor times and temps when making jerky. It’s a sleek design, too, and can live right on your counter. Get one, you’ll be pain in kind with tasty grub. -Steven Rinella

2) The Yeti Hopper. Flying with wild game meat can be a pain in the ass. Over the years I’ve developed strategies to handle most problems, but one of the most vexing causes of trouble is the standard airline practice of charging overages on coolers weighing more than fifty pounds. Most quality coolers are heavy enough to take up a third or more of the total allowable weight even when they’re empty. A 50 lb. cooler of meat might actually contain only 30 pounds, with the rest of the weight being filled by plastic and heavy insulation. Thankfully, Yeti Coolers has helped solve this problem in a big way with their Hopper series of soft-sided coolers. They are completely watertight and the Hopper 40 weights only 6 pounds. Fill this thing to the 50-lb limit with boned-out, frozen meat and you’re hauling some serious quantities of protein. Perfect for hunters who like to bring home their game meat on destination hunts rather than lazily passing it off to others. The Yeti Hopper changes everything for the traveling hunter. -Steven Rinella

3) First Lite’s Artemis Merino Hoodie. This hoodie is everything I’ve been looking for since I first wrapped myself up in their men’s Chama. Apologies to Ryan Callaghan over at First Lite for the numerous emails and phone calls harassing him over when the women’s line was coming out. After much badgering, he was kind enough to send me the only prototype of the Artemis hoodie they had last November to test out on our epic cow elk hunt in the Sweet Grass Hills of Montana. I don’t know if I was supposed to give it back or not but, as you can probably imagine, it’s mine now. (Sorry, Cal.) I wore that hoodie plus a merino crew for 5 straight days. I expected to come out of the woods a stinky, bearded, grizzly man but, to my (sort of) dismay, I came out smelling just about the same as I did when I walked into the woods. (Can’t say as much for the looks…) Since then, it’s a rare hike, run or hunt that you don’t find me in that hoodie. The only time I’ve ever washed any of them was when I got blood on my sleeves from my first ever deer I killed in southwestern Montana. It sounds gross and may fend off future boyfriends, but TRUST ME: If they smelled, I would have washed them by now. And I don’t just wear the hoodie when I’m exercising. I don’t know about y’all, but for some reason, I get super sweaty when traveling through airports and on planes. Maybe it’s because I’m always running from one end of the terminal to the other or carrying way too much crap with me. Regardless, once I started rocking the Artemis hoodie when traveling, I noticed that I’m much less sweaty and gross when I arrive at my destination. It’s very comfy and breathable. Now, let’s talk about comfort. I’ve been obsessed with all sorts of merino wool since my first Chama, and there’s a fair amount of wool out there that’s super itchy and uncomfortable. That is not the case with this hoodie. I’ve worn it with just a tank top or tshirt underneath and it is in no way scratchy on my arms. Finally, one of my favorite things about it is that there is not an iota of pink anywhere to be found on the Artemis hoodie. I don’t hate the color pink. I like it just fine. But I don’t like when it’s slapped on every piece of clothing or gear marketed toward women. “Shrink it and pink it,” they say. Gross. The Artemis is classy, form-fitting and incredibly functional. No fluffy, pink statement necessary. (PS: If you want to look super hip and bad*ss, I’d recommend the Artemis hoodie with the MeatEater logo on it. Whether I’m strolling down the streets of Bozeman or hiking the heights of Hyalite Canyon, I’m the envy of every gal around.) -Brittany Brothers

4) FHF Bino Harness. I’ve been on a years-long quest for the perfect binocular harness and I’ve finally found it. Made by FHF (Fish Hunt Fight) in Belgrade, Montana, these harnesses hit the sweet spot between protection and fit. There is no wasted space, because you can match your harness to the size and type of binoculars you use. Mine is custom built for Vortex Razor ‘nocs, and I honestly forget that I’m wearing it when I’m in the field. Running or crawling, this harness can handle it all. I also had FHF make me a custom multi-tool holder and a range finder pouch that fits into the system without a hitch. You can call FHF and go over your loved ones needs with the owner, and he’ll get them set up with the perfect carrier system for his or her hunting gear. Again, FHF makes the best bino carry on the market today, without exception. -Steven Rinella

5) Vortex Diamondback binocular. You simply cannot find a better binocular at this price point. A rugged build provides protection, fully multi-coated lenses serve incredible light gathering and the unconditional, lifetime warranty allows these binoculars to be compared to optics twice the price. My favorite feature of the Diamondback binocular is the compatibility with a tripod. 80% or more of my glassing is done from a tripod; the adapter is a must. -Janis Putelis

6) First Lite Brimmed Beanie. For years, the First Lite Brimmed Beanie has been my go-to hat for cool weather hunting. It’s the perfect compromise between a ball cap and a stocking cap, allowing you to trim down on the number of apparel items that you need to drag around. The brim is the perfect length, enough to shade your eyes from the sun but not so big that it’s a hassle when drawing your bow or looking through your spotting scope. It’s also indestructible. Unlike standard baseball caps, you can jam it into your pack without destroying the shape of the hat and messing the brim all up. What makes this cap even sweeter is that it comes with the MeatEater logo. Show the world that you hunt your own food, and be warm and comfy while doing it. -Steven Rinella

7) MeatEater. All of it. Now if you’ve run out of time and need a super last minute gift for the holidays, here’s what you need to do. Go to and get them The Complete MeatEater Collection as a digital download. From now til January 4th, you can get ALL the volumes– that’s 10 volumes of MeatEater episodes– for half price. You can save yourself 75 bucks and give a gift sure to please your fellow MeatEater. You’re welcome. -Helen Cho