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A basic hunting kit for overnight ventures. Weighs under two pounds when loaded for several nights afield. Fits easily inside a hip cargo pocket or pack lid.

A: OR Backcountry Organizer, size medium.
B: Driver bits for basic firearm/bow/outboard engine repairs and adjustments; compatible with the ¼-inch driver on an SOG multi-tool.
C: Black Diamond headlamp.
D: SOG Dark Energy 240-lumen flashlight.
E: Insect repellent wipes, Benadryl, Tylenol, ChapStick, lens cleaning towelette, antibiotic ointment.
F: Resealable waterproof envelope for adhesive bandages, gauze, alcohol prep wipes, etc.
G: Adhesive bandages and gauze pads.
H: Wipes.
I: Dental floss with heavy-duty needle tucked inside container.
J: Toothpaste and collapsible toothbrush.
K: Fishing kit. A chewing tobacco container containing a few flies, split shot, and 20 feet of 6-pound test. L: Spare batteries to fit flashlight, headlamp, GPS, and range finder.
M: Waterproof matches in airtight container.
N: Lighter wrapped with emergency supply of duct tape.
O: Fire-starting paste.
P: Havalon Piranta and extra blades.
Q: Snare Shop survival snare.
R: 25 feet of 4 mm utility cord.
S: Zip ties.
T: Suunto compass.


This kit was developed as part of The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game by Steven Rinella