A: WD-40. B: Choke wrench. C: Extra choke. D: Cable ties. E: Lighter with duct tape wrapped around body. F: Fire-starting paste. G: First-aid kit. H: Various bits for SOG multi-tool. I: DMT knife sharpener. J: SOG Dark Energy flashlight. K: Compass. L: 50 feet of utility cord.

You can avoid the annoyance of forgetting any of your essential odds and ends by building a small utility kit that always stays in your game vest or pack. A properly packed kit will not only keep you hunting when conditions turn bad but also might end up keeping you alive when conditions turn really bad. Every hunter’s kit will look different, because we all hunt different locations with their own peculiar demands. But no matter the scenario, each hunter’s kit should include at least a minimal amount of survival and first-aid supplies, plus some basic repair materials. Take a look at the kit that’s pictured at left and use it as a basic guideline for building a kit that works for your own particular location and style of hunting.

This kit was developed as part of The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Small Game & Fowl by Steven Rinella