Last night, we premiered the first episode of Season Six on The Sportsman Channel! With Yukon Giant: Northern Alaska Moose Pt 1 on the screen, we also invited fans to join us on Twitter for some behind-the-scenes action and a Q&A with MeatEater host Steven Rinella. 

We recapped some of our favorite moments as well as the best questions from fans below: 

@meateatertv: How about that Alaskan Brooks Range #trophycountry folks? A #behindthescenes shot looking out from Camp #MeatEater:

Camp MeatEater: Brooks Range, AK

My buddy Brandt has the best-sounding moose call on the planet. But it gives him a major sore throat. Dude was suffering by the end of hunt.

@NickBetts27: Good areas to hunt Elk without breaking the bank? I want to take my dad, he’s always wanted to go. We’re from PA.

Steve: Colorado is probably your best, least expensive option.

@stevenrinella: My first Alaska hunt ever was in the Brooks Range, some 15 years ago.

@dlechelt: What kind of tent are you guys using for this hunt?
Steve: @seekoutside Great stuff. Check them out.

@Samuelray22: Have any tips for a 20 y/o who wants to start hunting?
Steve: Go to hunter’s safety and get legal.

@TylerBryson27: What’s your favorite way to cook a gobbler?
Steve: Brined and smoked.

@2much2loud: What caliber rifle do you use?
Steve: Lots of them. I’m toting a .375 H&H on this trip.

@jamac21: What’s the furthest you have ever hiked out with a moose?
Steve: Three miles, but with a gang of five guys.

@GarrettBunker: Are you going to be coming back to Juneau County this year?
Steve: Maybe close to there, yes

@dennissstokes: So would that moose have that reaction because he was a youngster afraid of getting his ass kicked? Steve: Perhaps.

@meateatertv: Nothing like an up-high fish fry! And not a bad vantage point to check out that massive  : lttroph2  

@Sakuraba420: Ever eaten largemouth? Taste like grass to me. Could be run off from the golf course I was sneaking around.
Steve: Yes, I have. Try soaking the fillets overnight in milk. It seems to help.

@stevenrinella: Seeing that pike deep-fry on the show reminds me of pickled pike, my favorite recipe. I’m making it with buffalo sucker.

@dlmcfann: Ever gotten sick from something you ate in the field?
Steve: Yeah, man. Real sick a few times. One time I found a 7-year-old Budweiser and drank it. Didn’t sit well.

@EthanBarka: What is your favorite way to prepare ribs from a whitetail?
Steve: Braise or pressure cook until tender; dry rub, then grill with a mop of cider vinegar and mustard. It’s really good.

@RAKSBigGame: I shoot a bunch of Buffalo below the Gavins Point Dam each summer with the bow. Ton of fun & good practice for paddlefish!
Steve: Try pickling them. It’s surprisingly good.

@dennissstokes: How do the Northern Pike get in the lakes there?
Steve: I think those fish came out of the Yukon drainage, which this flows into.

@meateatertv: It takes a lot of hard work to get episodes to you, but the crew does get a bit of rest :ltcrew

 Wife says she won’t eat deer cuz of the wild taste. Any suggestions to make it taste less “gamey”?? Thanks!
Steve: I think your wife needs to rethink her position, is what I think.

@JeromeyJ: What’s your favorite fish to eat?
Steve: That’s really tough. I like ling cod, tuna, burbot, smelt. Lots of fish are my favorites

@Modern_Hunters: How was the recovery from trichinosis? Thanks for taking one for the team to teach an important lesson 
Steve: It was rough for two weeks, then over with. I’m actually glad it happened. It demystified the disease.

@Marc_Ingram: Where is your favourite place in the world to hunt?
Steve: I’m partial to Alaska, Montana, and Arizona. Maybe even in that order.

@jess_delo: What would you say is your most gourmet whitetail recipe?
Steve: Osso bucco, which is a braised shank recipe. It’s excellent.

@meateatertv: The of the Brooks Range just doesn’t stop! Check out enjoying a laugh: stevelaugh
@jess_delo: Do you ever fish/hunt the Poconos? Favorite PA species?
Steve: I have not hunted the Poconos, except for squirrel. Does that count?

@rjosh63: Do you prefer still or stand hunting for moose?
Steve: Still, or spot and stalk. I’ve never tried to ambush moose.

@archeryaddict88: Are there any limitations being meat home from a hunt such as the moose hunt in Alaska?
Steve: Just the luggage fees. Those can be a real killer.

@48Kilograms: Tips for shipping fish from Alaska to East Coast after a fishing trip?
Steve: Frozen and packed into coolers or insulated fish boxes. Tape boxes shut. I do it all the time.

@paul__kim: What was the worst part of having trichinosis or what was the worst time you got sick on/because of a hunt? Steve: I’ve had Lyme and Trichinosis and a handful of other troubles from the outdoors. Lyme was the worst, by far.

@EthanBarka: Which SOG knife do you find the most useful on a hunt? Why?
Steve: @SOGKnives multitools are the single biggest for me when on a hunt. I always, always carry a multitool.

@WillGaddy: Hardest place you’ve ever hunted?
Steve: Alaska can get pretty tough, especially southeast Alaska.

@davidbaker74: Are coyotes really safe to eat?? How did it really taste cause y’all made some awful faces trying eat it. Steve: Tasted like bad diver duck. It’s safe if you cook the hell out of it. Just like anything, I suppose.

@Sam__Gaston: Favorite thing to hunt in Texas?
Steve: Cranes! Or maybe Auodad.

@RedMeatEaterMan: Is there any meat you will not eat?
Steve: People meat; haven’t tried that.

@rhyno825: What caliber do you prefer for all these hunts?
Steve: .270, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 WSM.

@marc_audette: You ever do a show bowhunting carp or gator gar? Or alligator? That would be sweet.
Steve: We’ve done bow-fishing on two episodes so far. Stay tuned for Bolivia shows; serious bow-fishing there.

@ironwood56: Do you get nervous before a new show airs? Or is it something else?
Steve: Yeah, sometimes I do. Especially on skunked hunts or when something bad happens.

We’ll be live-tweeting more from behind-the-scenes for next week’s follow up with Part Two of Yukon Giant: Northern Alaska Moose! Thanks watching and happy hunting, MeatEaters!