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In preparation for the season premiere of MeatEater, Sportsman Channel asked Steve about his five favorite game meats. Don’t miss the beginning of an ALL-NEW Season this Thursday at 8 PM ET!

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1) Elk. Honestly, they don’t make a bad-tasting elk. Every one of those critters is as perfect as the next. If I had to pick one meat for the rest of my life, this would be it.

2) Squirrel. It’s the thinking man’s chicken. I’ve served literally dozens of people their first taste of squirrel, and every single one has been shocked by how good it is. Nothing gets a dinner party rolling like a squirrel appetizer 

3) Paca. Don’t worry…I didn’t know what paca was, either, at least until I was lucky enough to hunt for them with the Makushi in South America. It’s a semi-aquatic rodent that looks like a cross between a deer fawn and a chipmunk. Flesh like pork, except whiter and with a more pleasant flavor.

4) Quail. This selection might seem boring, but I don’t care. Sitting down to a half-dozen quail is culinary bliss. I like to pluck ‘em and then split them down the back. Throw them on the grill and then brush them with cayenne-seasoned butter as they cook.

5) Jackrabbit. Only if you let Hank Shaw cook it.