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This Scotch Egg recipe is an adaptation of Chef April Bloomfield’s famous recipe from her New York City restaurant The Breslin and was featured in The Best Start: Wild Game Breakfast Cooking Special. Enjoy!


3 parts lean cubed wild pork meat
1 part domestic pork back fat
fresh sage leaves
olive oil
4 eggs + enough to coat 4 Scotch Eggs
bread slices
panko breadcrumbs


1. Grind 3 parts lean cubed wild pork meat and 1 part domestic pork back fat through a meat grinder twice.

2. Pulverize the sage leaves with olive oil and salt—enough to create a paste.

3. Run the slices of bread through a food processor to create the breadcrumbs.

4. Mix equal parts milk with the breadcrumbs to create an oatmeal-like paste.

5. Hand mix the pork sausage, sage paste, and breadcrumb paste until it is mixed evenly.

6. Soft boil the eggs for about 6 minutes and cool in a bowl of ice.

7. Using about 4 ounces of the pork sausage, flatten and form a bowl to place the soft-boiled egg in and slowly encase the egg in the sausage.

8. Dredge the sausage and egg combo in flour, dip in egg yolk, and cover in panko breadcrumbs.

9. Deep fry the egg for about 6 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, until golden brown.


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