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MeatEaters: We’re proud to say that a hot new batch of MeatEater is headed your way on Sportsman Channel. As usual, the network has been great about letting us show you the unfiltered reality of what it takes to hunt and process wild meat without making us run it through the B.S.-amplifier of reality TV. These 9 new episodes are as bloody and authentic as ever. Here’s a quick preview of what we’ve got coming:

1) Kentucky Elk Episode, in which I have the strange and invigorating experience of hearing a bull elk bugle while I’m standing in a deciduous forest of the eastern U.S.

2) Alaska Seafood Cooking Special, in which I get lucky and don’t contract paralytic shellfish poisoning.

3) Mule Deer Special, a.k.a. Public Land Colorado Muleys, in which my dreams get dashed once again…but there’s hope.

4) Wisconsin Turkeys, in which a carp gets eaten and a coyote catches a free pass.

5) Wild Game Breakfast Cooking Special, in which I show you the absolute coolest recipe you’ll ever encounter.

6) New Mexico Public Land Elk, in which I get so upset that I almost quit hunting…but there’s hope.

7) Hearts of Darkness Cooking Special, in which you’ll see the voluminous glory of a stuffed moose heart.

8 and 9) Alaska Range Black Bear 2-Part Special,  in which you’ll see how cool and calm Rorke Denver, the author and Navy SEAL officer, remains in the face of a black bear that’s coming in hard to a predator call.  And how cool and calm I remain in the face of a 10-inch grayling that’s coming for my spinner.

Watch the season premiere of MeatEater this Thursday, July 31st at 8pm e/p on Sportsman Channel.
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