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We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite summertime recipes and grilling tips from the past year that we know will take your Independence Day celebration to the next level!


Let’s Start With The Basics:

Steve shares some tips and tricks to grilling game both in the field and at home in this interview with Food Republic. Find out his favorite wild game to eat, biggest grilling challenges he faces in the field, and what he thinks just doesn’t belong on a grill.

On the Grill:

How to Grill a Buffalo Steak:

In this video, Steve demonstrates how to do a simple but oh-so-tasty grilled buffalo steak for a group of friends — sure to please any meat-eating enthusiast!

 In the Smoker:

How to Make Wild Pork Saugage:

Steve and his buddy Chef Matt Weingarten make sausage using the meat and small intestines from a wild barred hog Steve killed on a spring hunt in Florida using ingredients local to the Okeechobee area. Once stuffed, pop these suckers in the smoker and you will not be sorry!

In the Pot:

Cabin Seafood:

Steve shares his favorite way to prepare and cook fresh-caught seafood up at his cabin in Alaska!

In the Oven:

Chef Charlie Palmer’s Venison Jerky


Its small, packable size makes jerky a staple for the outdoorsman, whether it’s a hunter sitting in a tree stand, a hiker who needs a little snack at the top of a mountain, or a fisherman trolling for salmon. Click here for the recipe!

On a Bun:

Wild Game Bánh Mì

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 1.57.50 PM

Bánh mì (pronounced BUN-mee) is a seriously addictive type of Vietnamese sandwich. The zesty flavors make it a natural vehicle for any wild game—here, meat from game that gets worked into patties. East meets West? More like East meets Wild. Click here for the recipe!


We hope you and your guests enjoy these savory summertime dishes, and have a Happy Fourth of July, folks!