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The 2014 Gift Guide for the MeatEater: Part Two
by Steven Rinella and the MeatEater Crew

SOG Backcountry Axe – $95

Over the last couple of years, I’ve fallen more and more in love with SOG’s Backcountry Axe. The hatchet/handle combo are nearly indestructible and very well balanced. But what’s especially cool is the quality wood saw that fits inside the handle. I’ve used mine for dozens of purposes, and find myself reaching for it every day when I’m camping in tough conditions. From splitting small pieces of firewood for tent stoves to clearing shooting lanes, this is a serious tool that deserves consideration. Great for gadget lovers as well as persnickety old guys who think they’ve seen it all.  -Steve

First Lite Fusion – from $30

If you’ve already bought First Lite apparel for your loved one, don’t go thinking that the fun and thrills are over. First Lite now has a fantastic new camo pattern that’s all their own. It’s called Fusion. Put this stuff on and you just melt into your surroundings. It’s versatile, unique, and very damn cool looking. If you want something that’s new and exciting for the hunters you know, get them into some Fusion now before the whole world is wearing it. Believe me, it’s gonna be a very popular pattern.  -Steve

Orion Coolers – $499
I used to be skeptical about high-end, heavy duty coolers. I thought they were overkill. But then I tried a few out, and now I’m a huge fan. I value my game and fish so much that it deserves maximum protection. In fact, I just bought one for my brother’s wedding present. If you’re gonna go this route for a gift, check out Orion Coolers. It’s the same company that makes Jackson Kayaks, which are best in class by a long shot. What’s great about their coolers is that they’ve figured out how to print cool-looking patterns on the exterior. And these things can be accessorized. If you get one of these for someone, they’ll use it for years and years. Just ask for some fresh fillets in return. –Steve

Wilderness Athlete Altitude Advantage – $30
Coming from NYC where the average elevation is 33 feet above sea level, I was worried about how I’d do in the higher altitudes of Montana for my first hunt. I had experienced attitude sickness on previous trips just flying into cities in Idaho and Utah, so the probability of getting sick in the mountains was pretty high. Janis got me some Wilderness Athlete’s Altitude Advantage and I took the recommended 2 capsules per day for a week before the trip. The results were pretty amazing: I acclimated to the higher altitudes quickly, had no headaches or nausea throughout my day-long hikes, and I was mostly just thrilled to not have to deal with any symptoms that might have affected my hunt. I’m thankful for the gift and I’d get it for a friend to pay it forward. –Helen

MeatEater Gifts – from $12
Gifts for MeatEater diehards: start with our new ball caps for style from the streets to the woods. If you’re looking for a hunter’s orange hat, try the new MeatEater orange blaze beanie. Need more? Look at our new MeatEater X First Lite Chama Hoody and Chama QZ zip ups, quality hunting gear that performs in the field and shows your MeatEater colors all at once.  Stocking stuffer? Spread the MeatEater message by giving the new Volume 6 DVD. -Janis

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