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The 2014 Gift Guide for the MeatEater: Part One
by Steven Rinella and the MeatEater Crew

Weston Pro 1100 & 2300 – from $300
My personal favorite vacuum sealer is the Weston 2300, which is a true meat-saving workhorse, but a lot of folks are understandably reluctant to spend that kind of money on a sealer. Thankfully, you can now get a hard-hitting Weston sealer for a couple hundred dollars less. The Weston Pro 1100 has many of the same features as the 2300, plus several more. Plus it comes with some bags to get you started. Give it to a sportsman, get a huge thanks in return! –Steve

Havalon Baracuta Z
 from $60
Everyone knows that Havalon makes fantastic replacement-blade skinning knives for big game hunters. But it’s not as well known that they also make a quality fillet knife. It’s called the Baracuta, and any angler who likes to fillet fish ranging from panfish to big walleye will appreciate this thing. Always sharp, always ready, these make great gifts. -Steve

Seek Outside Lil Bug Out Shelter – from $205

The problem with most lightweight shelters is they are so small that when you actually have to spend some time in them you’re so confined and uncomfortable that the weight savings become negligible. Enter the Seek Outside Lil Big Out Shelter. Two people can actually share the space comfortably with all their gear, even camera gear in our case. At just over 2 lbs with a trekking pole the Lil Bug Out qualifies as ultra-light. The vestibule, inner “nest,” tarp connection, and stove jack options qualify it as ultra-modular; basically, you can modify this shelter to best suit whatever camping conditions you expect to encounter. It’s the perfect gift for a backcountry hunter looking to shave weight but not comfort.  –Janis

Vortex Viper HS Scope – from $509

I get a ton of questions from folks looking for a good, all-purpose big game rifle scope that doesn’t cost more than the rifle they’re mounting it on. Right now, my go-to answer is the Vortex Viper HS scope. It’s the best rig you’re gonna get for the money, by a long shot. I’ve put one of these on several of my rifles and love it. Lately, it’s all I’ve been hunting with. My personal favorite is the 4-16×50. If you know someone who loves to hunt and shoot, this is the gift for them. -Steve

Schnee’s Beartooth – from $359

Schnee’s is well known for their cold-weather pac boots. Equally impressive are their mountain hunting boots and the Beartooth is no exception. Built on a softer chassis, the Beartooths still offer plenty of support and protection in the upper but the lighter duty nylon midsole makes for a softer, more flexible feel. Mine were comfortable out of the box; they required no break in time, and are still going strong after two full seasons of MeatEater shoots. Bearthooths are available in an insulated version for folks with cold feet. -Janis