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I put a fresh blade on for de-boning the quarters.

I was beyond pleased with the characteristics and capabilities of the Havalon Piranta and the Havalon Torch: lightweight and always sharp, with a great fit for efficient work. Now, the Havalon Bolt is out and is an improvement on an already exceptional product, with its bigger handle and bright, hard-to-lose colors. It also accepts the new 60A blade, which is 20% thicker (thus, tougher) than the 60XT. The majority of complaints I’ve heard about Havalons involved blades snapping. I’ve snapped a few myself, but it was always from too much wrenching on my part and I’ve yet to snap a 60A blade. Both of the elk I killed this year were gutted, skinned and quartered using ONE blade a piece. Usually I’m a stickler about replacing the blade halfway through to keep my pace and stay safe, but I was hanging full game bags while using the Bolt with 60A blades before I stopped to think that I hadn’t changed a blade.

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This makes for…

I would go so far as to say that the Havalon knives are the best new product added to my hunting gear in the last decade. I just shake my head when I watch other hunters struggle with a standard fixed blade and then swap it out for their back-up knife, whose blade is often duller than the first.  If you don’t use a Havalon yet, you are truly missing out.

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very quick work!

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