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Havalon makes the most practical-minded knives in the world; they are built for function, and they work incredibly well. But there’ll always be some people who get hung up about the aesthetics of a knife. They care as much about the way it looks as how it feels. (These are the same folks who got duped into buying those Rambo knives back in the day.) Well, Havalon has nodded in these guys’ direction with the release of their Black Stag knife. But they’ve done it without sacrificing an ounce of function. The Black Stag has a very cool looking handle, bringing to mind the texture of a hand-flaked stone tool. And it feels great as well. Still grips your hand when it’s wet and bloody, and works just as good as the other knives put out by Havalon. This would make a cool gift for anyone who needs an introduction to the world of really sharp knives.  

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