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I’ve got over 1,500 days of experience as a father, so I can offer an expert opinion on what dads want for Father’s Day. Sure, those handmade cards with crayon squiggles are awfully cute, but some hunting-themed substance is a nice addition. Over the next five days, I’ll recommend five things that’ll help make up for all the times you vomited into the hidden crevices of your car seat.

Day #3: First Lite’s Chama shirts are the one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces of hunting apparel out there. Dad’ll wear this shirt in a range of temperatures from near freezing up to the 70s without ever getting those clammy, sweaty, or smelly feelings you get from synthetics. This shirt is worth the cost, especially when you factor in the embroidered MeatEater logo on the breast. Your old man will hunt with pride.


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