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In our Media Diet column, Zero Point Zero Production asks prominent hunters about their reading and media consumption habits. What hunting magazines are they reading? How do they get their news when they’re at home? What about when on a hunting trip? What is on their Netflix queues? The answers to all these questions, and more, lie ahead. Up next, Dan Doty. Dan is the director of MeatEater and has hunted more in the past three years than most American hunters ever will – without firing a shot.

Do you read a lot? What book are you reading?

I like to have several books underway at any one point. Right now I am about to finish One River: Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest, by Wade Davis. He studied with Richard Evans Schultes, a hulk of the ethnobotany world, and this book is story after story of crazy jungle expeditions. These guys were obsessed with plants and indigenous culture, and they really lived on the edge. If I could choose another human lifetime to live it would have been an explorer in the Amazon Basin a few hundred years ago.

I’m also reading Of Wolves and Men, by Barry Lopez. The intro to this book excited me more than anything I’d read in a long time but the rest of it is becoming laborious. Finally, I have started a copy of a book called Grow Up, by Owen Marcus, which is written by a good friend of mine and is all about the human and emotional development of men, something I’m very interested in.

If you had to recommend 5 books for someone new to hunting, what would they be?
1. Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen
2. The Nick Adams Stories, by Ernest Hemingway
3. Education of a Wandering Man, by Louis L’Amour
4. The Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine, by Jim Morrissey and David Johnson
5. Listening Point, by Sigurd F. Olson

What about magazines? Which ones do you read?
I have subscriptions to The New Yorker and Outside.  I sometimes pick up Scientific American in airports.

Which websites do you go to regularly? – My friend reads at something like 12 times the average speed and she turned me on to this. It’s simply well-curated, long magazine articles. There’s always something good on the landing page, and much more worthwhile than most of what the web throws at you.

Twitter – I mostly use Twitter to waste time by clicking on any little article Outside puts out.  I’ve dabbled in Tweeting but it hasn’t stuck.

Vimeo – I like to watch down the staff picks. As I’ve sort of happened into being both a director and shooter I endlessly enjoy well-shot video of all types.

Netflix – House of Cards, The League, Mad Men. That’s what’s been happening.

Is it difficult to keep up with the news while hunting?
I don’t pay much attention to news. Honestly, I hear more news through Steve while we’re on shoots. So in my case, no.

How else do you get news and other media? Use social media?
I use both Facebook and Twitter for work and a part of my general social awareness comes through these platforms. More often, though, I chase stupid links and waste time.

Do you watch TV? Which shows?
My favorite show is Justified – somehow they made a perfect Western out of modern day life. I just watched the first season of Broad City, which is funny as hell. I am really impressed and a big fan of Deadwood and Mad Men, and I would like to be a contestant on Naked and Afraid.

Do you ever go to the movies?
Very rarely. I’ve always had a vague fear of movie theaters. I watch a lot of movies on my iPad – I just downloaded one called Another Earth. It looks great.

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