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This Thursday, Steve answered your questions via Twitter during a brand new episode of MeatEater featuring comedians Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen! In case you missed it, here are Steve’s answers:

Q: When ya going on a big hunt in Kansas?

A: No Kansas plans, but I’d like to. The bummer is that Kansas has one of the lowest percentages of public land in the U.S.


Q: What animal do you want to eat that you haven’t had to opportunity to yet?

A: I’d like to get my hands on a muskox. I drew a tag years ago, but the logistics of getting to Nunivak Island in March never worked.


Q: What fascinates you about the Outdoors!?

A: You never know what’ll happen. It’s absolutely unknowable. And it’s physically challenging, mentally challenging, emotional.


Q: What’s the best game meat you ever had?

A: Elk mostly. Plus this weird little marsupial in Vietnam, and a giant rodent in South America called a paca. All excellent.


Q: What age were you when you first shot a gun? And what kind of gun?

A: I have no idea. Very young with .22s, younger with airguns. Shot a 12-gauge at ten and it knocked me on my ass.


Q: What rifle are you using for big game on the show? Is that a custom barrel?

A: I use CCR Rifles and Weaver Rifles. Custom rigs.


Q: What’s your favorite way to make venison loin?

A: Favorite venison loin prep is seasoned, rubbed with oil, and grilled to rare. Then let rest and slice thin.


Q: Ohio guy wanting to bowhunt elk out West; what are the chances of success doing a DIY hunt?

A: Somewhere around 10% on average success rates for unguided elk archery hunts for non-residents. Give or take.


Q: Your favorite book?

A: Favorite books are many including Arctic Dreams; Harrison’s Wolf; Coming Into the Country; Annals of the Former World.


Q: Which hunt has taken you closest to your physical limits?

A: Dall sheep hunts take me to my limit, as did my hunt for a wild buffalo near Alaska’s Copper River. Way hardcore.


Q: What archery equipment do you use?

A: I shoot an Athens Recluse. Scott release. Carbon Express arrows. Blood shot heads. Tight spot quiver.


Q: My 15 month old son eats all my venison. What do I do?

A: Guess your boy will have to start getting his own next year.


Q: Hiya Steve will you be doing any shows involving hunting squirrel or rabbit this season?

A: Will film multiple small game hunts some time next year. Don’t have any coming out this fall.


Q: What is the absolute worst tasting wild meat you’ve had, that you have personally killed?

A: Javelina boiled in its own stomach was pretty bad tasting.


Q: What would you suggest as a good resource for me to learn duck calling. I.E. book, website, DVD?

A: Anything by Will Primos. He’s the best instructor, in my opinion.


Q: All BS aside. Is it worth dropping the money for a Havalon Piranta?

A: If you want a really sharp knife and don’t want to sharpen it yourself, it absolutely is.


Q: What species is your “white whale” that always seems to elude you?

A: My white whale is a huge mule deer buck. I want one giant toad of a muley before I die.


Q: How do you train to be physically prepared for hunting mountainous terrain?

A: TRX and floor exercises, plus lots of walking. But nothing gets you in shape for hunting quite like hunting does.


Q: At 40yrs old I’m just starting to hunt (Thx to great buddies). Any suggestions?

A: Find some guys who know what they’re doing and get in good with them; that’s a recipe for hunting success.


Q: Have you thought about writing your own cook/recipe book?

A: I have two hunting guidebooks, Vol 1 and Vol 2, coming out in 2014, 2015. Big game and small game, plus recipes.


Q: Have you ever hunted giant whitetails in Alberta or Saskatchewan?

A: I killed a non-giant whitetail in Alberta once. I use the antlers for a cooking utensil rack in my kitchen!


Q: I love Callen, what a goofball!

A: Bryan Callen is the funniest guy I’ve ever hung out with. I’m not BS’ing when I say that.


Q: Don’t know if it would make good TV but how bout high pressure public land hunt for East Coast whitetail?

A: I’m all over that, would love to hit a public land whitetail ep in the East. Been looking into it, honestly.


Q: What’s your top favourite way to cook duck?

A: Top way to cook duck is seared skin down, then finished in a hot oven until very rare. Slice thin, serve with chutney.


Q: I’m interested in getting into crossbow hunting. Do you have any suggestions/tips when buying my first bow?

A: I’ve never even shot a crossbow, sorry. I’m pretty old school in that regard.


Q: Any big game animal you wish to hunt that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

A: Too many to mention. I’d like to hunt/eat muskox. Had a chance years ago when I drew a tag but missed the opportunity.


Q: Any chance you’d do an upstate NY hunt sometime?

A: I hunt in upstate NY at my buddy’s farm now and then. It’s a blast. Squirrels, rabbit, turkey.


Q: Great show! Have you ever hunted the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta?

A: Yes, I have, but way out in the flatlands. Ag land and pulp timber land.


Q: What water purification system do you use when hunting the backcountry?

A: Either ceramic filter pump by MSR, iodine, or boiling for water purification in the backcountry. Pump is best.


Q: Best .17 for the $$?  Mainly using for target and groundhogs. Thank you.

A: I just bought a CZ and had it tuned by Weaver Rifles. Absolute tack driver.


Q: What model and make is Rogan’s 300 win mag?

A: Remington 700.


Q: What’s your drink of choice?

A: Rum and coconut water is my favorite drink. Best if you bust open your own coconut and pour in a few slugs of rum.

Q: Will using certain animal fats that graze on certain berries, etc… will that “flavored fat” affect the food’s taste?

A: Fat from berry-fed bears is very good. Fat from salmon-fed bears is horrible. Hope that helps.