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I’ve got over 1,500 days of experience as a father, so I can offer an expert opinion on what dads want for Father’s Day. Sure, those handmade cards with crayon squiggles are awfully cute, but some hunting-themed substance is a nice addition. Over the next five days, I’ll recommend five things that’ll help make up for all the times you vomited into the hidden crevices of your car seat.

Day #4: Even if your dad tends to think about hunting more than actually doing it, he’ll still get a kick out of a Havalon Piranta Bolt. These replacement-blade knives are one of the coolest innovations in hunting cutlery since someone decided to knock a flake out of a hunk of flint. The simple act of holding one of these knives is a pleasure. They are incredibly sharp and they go through hide and meat like a lightsaber, and you never have to worry about it getting dull. Just pop on a new blade and you’re ready for the next carcass.


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