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I’ve got over 1,500 days of experience as a father, so I can offer an expert opinion on what dads want for Father’s Day. Sure, those handmade cards with crayon squiggles are awfully cute, but some hunting-themed substance is a nice addition. Over the next five days, I’ll recommend five things that’ll help make up for all the times you vomited into the hidden crevices of your car seat.

1) Turkey seasons are just about through for the year, but there’s a good chance that your dad is still thinking about birds and he’s itching to get geared up for next year. Show your love and affection with one of these limited edition MeatEater turkey calls. These calls are not cheap branded schwag; they are handmade, American-built calls from North Carolina’s Silas Creek Outdoors. There are two kinds: wood base with glass; and a synthetic base with glass up top and slate on the bottom. These calls sound great and are easy to use. If you get one for Ol’ Dad, tell him to be careful because a gobbler might try to make babies with his hand while he’s using it.



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MeatEater Limited Edition Turkey Call – Wood Base with Glass

MeatEater Limited Edition Turkey Call – Synthetic Base with Glass up top and Slate on the bottom