Clockwise from top left: Venison ribs, venison liver, venison heart, venison head.

Last week’s episode of MeatEater saw comedians Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen continue their hunt for whitetail deer alongside Steve and Doug Duren in Wisconsin. After returning home with two nice-sized does, the foursome discusses going from “A to Z,” namely, from hunting all the way to eating the animals. So, what are the steps in between? Well, cooking, for one! We’ve rounded up 10 popular venison recipes from the MeatEater archives, including one for venison head, like the one Steve cooked up on last week’s episode, which he describes as “a little bit like pork.” From the heart to the ribs to the liver to the loin to the testicles, there are recipes for just about all of the cuts of meat here. Happy cooking!