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Fourth of July is always a great excuse to fire up the grill and throw a party, so why not do it MeatEater-style? We’ve got a handful of finger-lickin’ recipes that will have your guests bowing down and hailing you as the “Great Grill Master of Wild Game”!

Kicking it off, we have Ronny Boehme’s famous Jalepeño Poppers, plus a bonus recipe: Quail in a Pail and Steve’s MeatEater Meatball Sliders.

For our lean, mean, grillin’ machines, we’ve got Venison Kabobs, Grilled Venison Loin, Grilled Venison Ribs, and a bratwurst recipe recommendation from Michael Ruhlman’s Charcuterie. *Please note: these recipes are not exclusive to venison and can be applied to any other big game animal!*

If grilling isn’t your game, fire up the deep-fryer and try Darr Colburn’s Fish Tacos with Baja Sauce!

And what Fourth of July party would be complete without an American flag-themed dessert? May we suggest Janis Putelis’ Blueberry Cheesecake recipe? Throw some raspberries or strawberries on there, too, to really get the full patriotic effect. America!

Get the full recipes here:


Ronny Boehme’s Jalepeño Poppers, plus Quail in a Pail

Steve’s MeatEater Meatball Sliders

For Grillin’

Venison Kabobs

Grilled Venison Loin

Grilled Venison Ribs

Michael Ruhlman’s Bratwurst Recipe

For Fryin’

Darr Colburn’s Fish Tacos with Baja Sauce


Janis Putelis’ Blueberry Cheesecake